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Ameila Earhart With Airplane

Probably New Zealand’s most glamorous young Brewster, Amelia first met Alan Knight due to their shared interest in theatrical foolishness and dramatic posturing. She studied all manner of complicated science stuff at the University of Auckland and seemed destined for a dazzling scientific career and a Nobel Prize by the age of thirty. However, all this was sidetracked by her fascination with Ale Brewing and her spirited involvement with the Ale Brewing Chaps.

Her signature brews include The Electra, (a Red Ale with lots of hops and a delicate blend of bergamont tea), and Mash Landing, a full bodied beer made with water chestnuts.

She generally brews in a flowery pinny but claims to do so ‘Ironically’.


Laird Jim alan

Alan got started in the brewing industry way back in 1987 when he moved to Canada and found no drinkable beer there. He worked for such notable breweries as Upper Canada Brewing and The Amsterdam brewpub before getting into consulting work for more brewpubs than even he can remember.

In 1993 he came to New Zealand to work at Miners Brewery in Westport, followed by the Kahikatea Brewery in Hamilton. In 1997 he moved to Waiheke to start up the Waiheke Island Brewery where he remains to this day.

Alan is fairly sure that Ale Brewing Chaps is his 42nd brewing project.

Alan’s current signature brews include SLEEPING GIANT and ‘THEM’, an oat based Pale Ale.



Ben’s exploits in the New Zealand brewing industry are the stuff of legends. A home brewer from the age of five,(or thereabouts) he has brewed for Marlborough Brewing, Galbraiths Ale House and The Cock & Bull before founding Ben Middlemiss Brewing. Ben specialises in serious traditional ales of high strength and impressive character.

Details of his signature brews can be found on his own website which you can view right HERE…

JERRY WAYNE (The Blacksmith)

jerry-Blacksmith (1)

Jerry hails from the county of Norfolk and can fix any piece of busted machinery you show him with no apparent effort. When asked by his school careers master at a tender age what he wanted to be, he stated firmly that he wanted to be a Blacksmith. They didn’t have any such career available so he became an engineer instead. Engineers of course require vast quantities of ale to function, so Jerry, (Who stands over nine feet tall) took to making his own.

His signature brews are all based around the characters and exploits of his numerous and very interesting ancestors as well as the flavours of his native Norfolk. These include “The 7′ and ‘Octavius’



Rob Hillebrand is by far the LOUDEST of the chaps and rarely conducts any conversation at below a hundred decibels. A talented businessman and long standing member of the Hash House Harriers, (Whose beer drinking exploits are of course legendary) Rob also devotes a lot of his time to taming lawns and parklands with huge items of loud machinery as well as being able to dig graves amazingly well. It was this particular talent that gave him his Chap Name.

His signature beers include ‘The Sexton’ and ‘100 Decibel Bitter’

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