Chap: The Philosophy

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So what does being a ‘Chap’ involve?

Being a ‘CHAP’, especially an Ale Brewing one, means embracing a life of high spirited fun and beer fueled optimism. Chaps are loud and  adventurous, tend to stay up way past their bedtimes, sing songs about drinking, indulge in splendid pastimes such as drinking beer, clay pigeon shooting, hot air ballooning, drinking beer, roasting whole animals on spits, driving huge machines about the place, drinking beer, dressing up in foolish yet splendid outfits, going to PUBS and believing wholeheartedly in GOOD BEER.

It needs to be noted that being a ‘CHAP’ is in no way gender specific. Women can be ‘CHAPS’ with no difficulty at all. Just look at Amelia Beerhart.

If you think you may be a ‘CHAP’, then try this simple test;

If you;

  • Drink only Craft Beer
  • Have ever cultivated outlandish facial hair
  • Know the words to at least two loud songs about BEER
  • Have already bought tickets to the New Zealand Beer Fest (Or suchlike)
  • Regularly wear silly outfits for the sheer glorious hell of it
  • Are a member of SOBA
  • Have ever hauled up a huge sea creature, bashed it over the head and then seriously eaten it
  • Have a bar in your living room (or know people who do)
  • Then you may well be a ‘CHAP’.


If, on the other hand, you;

  • Drink only big brewery fizz or alcopops
  • Stagger about inner cities late and night yelling and being sick
  • Go to so called ‘Discos’ or work for Auckland Council
  • Require your steak to be fully cooked
  • Wear ‘Designer Labels’
  • Don’t own a friendly DOG
  • Affect ‘Veganism’
  • Fail to snort with disgust when foolish and shallow people talk about ‘Craft Beer you can actually drink’

Then I’m sorry…You need to put some work into your ‘CHAPNESS’.

But don’t worry. We can HELP with that…

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