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“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a hard working CHAP in possession of a good fortune, (Or a thirst you could photograph) must be in want of a pint of “FINE ALE.”

Some years ago, on the mythical island of Waiheke*, craft beer industry stalwarts Ben Middlemiss (The Friar) and Alan Knight (The Laird) began collaborating on a home brewing project. Both Chaps had of course been making beer for other people for ages, but this was their chance to kick back on the deck at home, fire up Ben’s fifty litre system and make the kind of beers THEY liked.

The results were popular. So much so in fact that the Chaps were hard pressed to keep stocks up in the face of their friend’s thirsts each weekend. So, since one of the thirstiest was home brewing engineer Jerry Wayne, (The Blacksmith) this capable Chap was enlisted to build ‘The Beast’, a splendid one hundred litre system which transformed their home brewing operations instantly.

It was at this point that they were joined by keen new brewing Chap Vrnda Duncan, (AKA ‘Amelia Beerhart’) proving that being a Chap is a state of mind and in no way gender specific.

So busy did their brewing operation become that in 2012 they shifted the brewery from Knight’s basement to a fine unit on Waiheke’s glamorous Tahi Road provided at a reasonable rate by fellow home brewing Chap Rob Hillebrand, (The Sexton). At last, there was room to work properly. So much room in fact that an even bigger brewing system was built in accordance with the basic rule of ‘Fill-every-available-space-with-huge-fermenters-and-stuff-as-soon-as-possible-because-it-would-be-a-shame-not-to.”

It was at this point that the Chaps, looking at the potential of this fine establishment, decided to turn pro. They got things squared away with Customs & Excise and started brewing on a commercial scale.

*Waiheke Island is not in fact ‘mythical’. It actually exists. We only call it imaginary for tax purposes on the advice of our accountant Mr Bilbo Sunchild Vishnu* who thought it might be a good idea.

Hippie (1)

* Mr Vishnu is currently missing. If anyone knows where he is, please let us know. He still has all our paperwork.

One thought on “About ABC

  1. Alex Duncan says:

    Craft beer! Hip hip hooray!

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